Highlights of catches, key plays, and photos from BYU’s 35-26 win over Stanford

Editor’s note: The Deseret News features live coverage of the regular season finale on Saturday between BYU and Stanford. Check back for updates throughout the game.

Final score: BYU 35, Stanford 26

The fourth quarter


Stanford scored on a 7-yard Brycen Tremayne run, but the Cardinals had some unfortunate luck trying with the next point, as a bad snap resulted in a failed conversion.

That leaves it as a two-score game in the Cardinals’ second bungled game of the night. BYU 35, Stanford 26.

Can you stick to BYU?


Stanford got on the board for the first time in the second half, marching 75 yards in eight plays before Ashton Daniels scored on a 1-yard run.

The Cardinals added a two-point conversion to make it a 15-point game. BYU 35, Stanford 20.


That should wrap things up—BYU’s Puka Nacua scored a 25-yard run back on third and fourth, giving the Cougars their biggest lead. BYU 35, Stanford 12.

BYU kept the ball on the ground on Jacob Conover’s first drive after Jarren Hall was hit.

Third quarter


Jacob Conover plays quarterback for BYU after Jaren Hall left the game for a falter on the former Cougars’ drive end.

Hall was stopped before a first down on a fourth down attempt when BYU was deep in Stanford territory.

How will Conover handle the situation?

Second Quarter


Stanford added three points on the last play of the half, with Joshua Carty nailing a 54-yard field goal to send the game into halftime. BYU 28, Stanford 12.

The Cardinal converted a fourth and 4 to set up a field goal.


Isaac Ricks caught his second touchdown pass, this time from 1 yard on third and goal, and BYU has four touchdowns on four possessions. BYU 28, Stanford 9.

Stanford appeared to have a goal line inside the 5 but the Cardinals were called for sneaking a second down on an attempt to play before the score.


The Cardinals have their first touchdown, scoring on a 1-yard Mitch Lieber run to chop the Cougars’ lead. But the extra point was missed. BYU 21, Stanford 9.

Stanford used a 4th-and-5 conversion to get a 75-yard drive on a play that netted the Cardinals 22 yards and got them deep into BYU territory.


BYU went to their own bag of tricks for passing touchdowns, capping off the flea flash’s Jaryn Hall with a 43-yard touchdown pass to Isaac Ricks. BYU 21, Stanford 3.

The Cougars have 221 yards of total offense to make it a three-point game.

First Quarter


BYU has two possessions and two touchdowns – Hinckley Robati ran 43 yards for a touchdown, capping off the Cougars’ second consecutive 75-yard drive. BYU 14, Stanford 3.

BYU actually has 126 yards in the game.


Stanford responded to BYU’s opening score with one of its own, going 49 yards and scoring on Joshua Carty’s 34-yard field goal. BYU 7, Stanford 3.


BYU marched down the field on its first drive, going 75 yards in seven plays and scoring on Jarren Hall’s 19-yard touchdown run. BYU 7, Stanford 0.

Junior high

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