The best Hoka sneaker deals for Black Friday 2022


All the massive Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday monster sales and deals, in one place.

Ah, I dream of a runner’s holy grail shoe, with perfection dose of chonk in the sole for flawless support. Oh, who could it be? Almost all Disappointed shoe, matte. As a runner, I swear by it flying across finish lines, dominating mountains, and being casual stumbling All-day strolls—so do the many joggers, runners, and casual strollers who enjoy a little extra bounce in their step.

Whether you’re a serious marathon runner, a Hot Girl Walk enthusiast, or a doctor who has to be on their feet all day, ultra-comfortable Hoka shoes are the answer. You’ve probably already seen them on the streets – or in your TikTok algo – and we insist it’s not just hype that makes branding a modern mainstay. At VICE, we’ve reviewed the Anacapa Mid GTX Boot, Clifton 8, and Bondi 7, so we mean it when we say Hokas can “rescue [your] feet.” While we may have spent a small fortune of time and money making sure we know what we’re talking about, our efforts (and a groundbreaking Hoka Black Friday sale) made it so that you, dear reader, don’t have to waste either one while searching for Hokas.

At the moment, Hoka has a slew of deals on its top notch kicks including fan favorite Bondi 7 $32 off (recently restocked), Challenger 6 for $28 offSpeedgoat 4 GTX for $32 offAnd Mafate Speed ​​3 for $36 off.

$160$127.99 in Disappointed

$140$106 in Disappointed

$160$127.99 in Disappointed

$180$143.99 in Disappointed

In addition to the assortment of slappin’ hooka shoes, you can also find plenty of athletic apparel and gear on sale to take in all of your Black Friday tricks. The Kaha GTX boots will have you reaching mountain master status $55 offwhile the Performance Shield jacket is the perfect weather-resistant shell for outdoor running $38 off. Throw on the Whole’s Hat Up to $10 off For more coverage, you are the wandering king of the jungle.

$138$100 in Disappointed

$16$10 in Disappointed

$30$20 in Disappointed

$220$164.99 in Disappointed

with deals Up to $55You have no excuse not to update your sporty and comfy basics for the upcoming new year. They also make a crazy hot gift. Did you hear here first.

Find all the other great deals at Hoka‘s website.

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